Tynwald Select Committee on Poverty

Income and Benefits

The Select Committee on Poverty is researching the way in which social security (benefits) work on the Isle of Man. We would like to hear about your experiences so that we can understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and explore ways to improve it.

Please click here for more information on Select Committees, what they are and how they work.

Personal Information and Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in completing this survey. Before you do we would like to explain how the information collected may be used and how the Committee may choose to interact with you.


Tynwald may choose to publish information it receives. This means the Committee may publish anonymous data collected in this survey. Anonymous data is collected in questions where the answers are options to choose from and where your answers would not identify you. However, some questions invite you to provide additional information and, because this is more personal, you should indicate below whether the Committee may publish these in an anonymised form or whether your name may be published.  
Any report the Committee makes will be presented to Tynwald and published on the Committee website. Committee information is retained indefinitely and is passed to the Public Record Office after 25 years.
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